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EM Mechanical

We would like to thank you first for visiting our website. We are a full service HVAC/Refrigeration company primarily dedicated to installing and servicing geothermal heating and cooling systems. We are an authorized Water Furnace dealer. We are a factory trained and authorized dealer of the new water Furnace 7 Series Equipment. They offer the highest efficiency and the best reliability we have seen. They are capable of forced air heating and cooling, domestic hot water heating, pool heating and are an excellent choice for radiant heating, they are also available in a reversible chiller application.

We have installed countless geothermal systems throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas with great success. We have installed many new construction systems as well as replaced many existing fossil fuel systems. Our system sizing is based on a precise load calculation software program, not by “rule of thumb” sizing that mostly always results in an over-sized system and decreases performance and comfort. We have a close relationship with our driller which results in excellent communication and a smoother installation. Geothermal loops can consist of vertical drilling, horizontal looping, or a pond loop can be installed if conditions are acceptable. An open loop type system can also be used but requires a return well and a constant pressure type well pump for optimal performance.



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Choosing a contractor

Choosing a contractor for your geothermal installation requires a contractor with expertise and knowledge of loop design, equipment, and ability to accurately perform load calculations. Failure to choose an experienced geothermal installer almost always results in in problems left on the homeowner.

Cost of Geothermal

Typical operating costs of a geothermal system will vary depending on geographic location, r-value of home. A general rule of thumb is 50%-60% less than a conventional system. If we provide you an estimate it will be accompanied by a energy audit which will give you a close operating cost.

New DX Systems

EM Mechanical and our driller will soon be going to Florida to train with factory engineers in direct exchange geothermal or (DX). DX requires significantly less drilling, no flow centers, freeze potentials, coaxial heat exchangers, and boasts 20-30% higher efficiency over water based looping systems. Stay tuned for more updates.